For the last month or so, since Ed Chiarini has EXPOSED the families behind the curtain, each day that I learn more of who these people are, and see them for the ACTORS they are, I continue to get blown away with so many emotions, it is hard to contain them!

The fact that these people are the ones that brought us war after war, and for what? FOR WHAT I ask? So that mothers and fathers continue to lose their children, and children continue to lose their parents? For what purpose I ask myself, would actual people do/cause such horrific acts to innocent human beings and children? Why are these people allowed to walk free amongst us, on this beautiful planet while most of us toil to pay THEM the taxes and fees from checks earned weekly or monthly, and for WHAT I ask? Why do we keep repeating these cycles over and over throughout history, and allow the “kings and queens” “leaders”? of our? countries control us as if we are cattle? Because that is exactly what they believe we are, mere cattle!

Maurice Strong is at the top of this pyramid, as are his family, as well as the Greenburgs, the Wahls, the Blumbergs, and a few other family names. These are the people who design our realities. These are the people that have written our history books, as well as all other books they are teaching the children throughout history, and we’ve all been deceived like never before thanks to the technology that they own. They think they own it all. And we MUST do our best to EXPOSE these criminals who are pathetic excuses for humanbeings on this earth. They donnot deserve to be walking free amongst any of us, but instead belong in a cell for the rest of their pathetic scamming lives for they are still teaching their own children to do the same to us, to pass on their “inheritances” so that they can then control us when their parents are gone. Parents who came over after ww2, with Project Paperclip!

I need to calm down, and I appoligize for continuing to post Ed’s site, but this is SO URGENT, if we don’t get help to expose and put these freaks away, then what is to come will be beyond any comprehension we have right now. Think of the worst movies you have seen, and mix it with the pics of past wars, and this is where we are headed. The new age of dark ages plus no human rights to exist for the entire planet, just as Maurice and his nazi buddies have been planning since the second world war. To bring down the entire Industrialized World. In his own words he says this:

“In order to save the planet, the group decides: Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring this about?”

BACK to the dark ages! Is this what the newagers really want?? Why can’t they see what most of us see? Why do they refuse to even look at facts, and instead will say, “oh you’re all doom and gloom” “oh, we’re in the light now, that isn’t going to happen”. They don’t even know what Agenda 21 is about!

On Ed’s site, he lists links to CONgress members. People NEED to contact, and send them this information before this fraud of an election happens, IF it even happens. Obama is just another actor. And of course you won’t believe it, but his other acting gig was Osama Bin Laden. This is how huge this scam is that is being played on all of us. The truthers are in on it also. It’s no wonder they need so much money to keep up this scam. Stop paying them, they cannot put every citizen in jail, yet.



Learn about Maurice here. I will start to post different links soon. I just wanted to get people to understand how huge this entire scam is first by learning about Ed’s videos. Please be patient with me, there is alot of info to learn and it takes time if you are new to it all. I also apologize for this blog being so confusing, I am trying my best to learn how to do it right, but it’s just not co-operating with me 😉